Yulia Levkovich (born 1982) is a representational painter. She currently works and lives Upstate, New York.

Yulia was born in Ukraine to a Musical, Russian speaking family. Her family immigrated first to Israel, than Canada where she was exposed to the Russian School of Painting through private apprenticeship with Emmanuel Katz at the age of 13.

Parallel to training with Mr. Katz, she completed her rigorous training at the Academy of Realist Art under the tutelage of Michael John Angel, who himself studied with Pietro Annigoni. During her training at the Academy she also received her BFA from OCAD University in Toronto, Ontario. There, she was the recipient of two Honorary Mentions (Dion Durrel Scholarship in 2002 and Duncan McPherson award of excellence in 2003), Curry’s Prize award (2002), Libbi Selznick Altweger Prize award (2003) as well as the Mrs. W. O Forsyth Scholarship (2004).

In 2006 Yulia moved to Manhattan to pursue her MFA at the New York Academy of Art where she received two Academy Scholarships in 2006 as well as 2007, and the LCU Scholarship in 2008. After graduating with Honors in 2008, Yulia went to work as Art Production Assistant for Jeff Koons, where she worked on pieces that were exhibited at Versailles and Gagosian Gallery.

Yulia has taught privately, as well as in several institutions, including The New York Academy of Art and Metropolitan Museum of Art.

After living in New York City for ten Years, Yulia moved to Upstate New York where she gets to enjoy an art studio in the Country. Yulia teaches at Pratt, Munson Williams Proctor institute of Art in Utica as well as the Mohawk Valley Art Center.

Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally including the Beau-Xi Gallery, The Foundry, Flowers Gallery and Munson-Williams Proctor Arts Institute.