Yulia Levkovich’s mysterious paintings depict figures at the edge between consciousness and dream.  Her light and atmosphere succeeds in synthesizing disparate and fractured narratives.  These spaces hold a special place in our collective psyche.  I think she’s developed a uniquely sensate imagery that stands as a corollary to the new Leipzig School’s vision of Soviet era melancholy and nostalgia.  Yulia is one of the stronger new talents entering the scene today.

John Jacobsmeyer

Fulbright Fellow, Artist Advisor to the New York Foundation for the Arts
Yulia Levkovich's work takes place in a post-industrial world where objects that were once familiar have become strange. Her haunting imagery is beautifully rendered, but the objects themselves have lost their meaning. Conduits are left disconnected, electrical plugs have no purpose, all of which speaks of a world left behind by the advance of some new technology. Each piece of discarded gadgetry is a stand-in for a culture or person that may remain beautiful, even when obsolete.

Peter Drake

Visual Artist, New York Academy of Art, Dean of Academic Affairs